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Hi, I’m Eamon, the founder
of U-Suite.

I bet that if you’re reading this, you and I share something in common – that experience of working desperately hard to achieve your business goals, yet finding the rewards are frustratingly out of reach.


the need for
delegation, automation & streamlining

I started my first business in my early 20’s. It was an event management company, and on the surface, it was wildly successful with sold out shows and packed festivals that were the talk of the town.

Yet despite the immense amount of effort needed to pull each event off, and the highly skilled and competent team around me, nothing got done without me. So, one day, on the back of three, 18-hour shifts, I went 24 hours straight to run a major, open air gig – only to crash and burn and be bedbound for the next three days. Things were never the same and despite trying to be everything to everyone and everywhere at all times, the business fell apart.

It was a bitter yet vital lesson…

It was a bitter yet vital lesson: the need for delegation, automation and streamlining. It was only after I burnt out that I saw the importance of the business owner distancing themselves from the operational stuff so they can focus on growing the business. I vowed to bring this lesson with me the second time around.


My second business

Next, I developed a system around mindset creation, which worked for everything I put it to. I then shared it with some close friends and colleagues, who also reaped inspiring results.

My second business was then born, teaching others about a success mindset and how to create real results. At the same time, I was given the opportunity to help a large and reputable business association representing over 2000 SMEs. What I found was that despite all these businesses being run by incredibly capable and experienced business owners, so many of them were still heavily involved with the day-to-day operations of their business, simply because their team didn’t have access to the knowledge and wisdom the business owner had in their own head. No matter how brilliant their products or services were, they lacked the systems that enabled their teams to confidently take care of operations, sales, marketing and communication. Leads fell through the cracks, conversion targets weren’t realised and loyalty was easily tested. As a result, the business owners had no option but to continue to be bogged down in minutia – resulting in frustration, despair and disillusionment with their business and the feeling they could never get ahead.

developing the solution

These business owners desperately needed a solution, one that would allow them to get their life back, get excited about their business vision again, and remember why they got started in the first place. To me, the answer was patently obvious, and backed by my own operations and sales experience, I set out to create the solution that would transform the lives of business owners everywhere.  

Are you trying to be everything to everyone?

Do you feel you are being pushed from pillar to post? Are you frustrated that your business can’t function properly without you, even for day?

I bet you wish you could clone yourself – a second “you” who could take the weight off your shoulders. Well now you can, with U-Suite. Schedule a call to find out how.

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